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Jackson: "Dad why don't you start a travel ball team?"

Dad: "What would we be called?"

Jackson: "The Ghosts. We could be black and grey like the White Sox alternate jerseys. Maybe a little bit of red."

Dad: "I dig it, let's do it. We are gonna need a sweet logo, something every 11 year old boy would like."

Jackson: "Let's do a skull."

I wish we had a better founding story but that was how it happened. The Ghosts, the brainchild of one 10 year old kid. A division of Legends baseball, but allowed to make it our own, 'The Ghosts' were formed. We are comprised of the best all stars from Beaver Falls, New Brighton, Rochester, West Mayfield, Freedom, Blackhawk, Western Beaver, Hopewell, Central Valley and Mohawk. 

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