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  1.  Players will arrive at all games and practices fully dressed in the appropriate game or practice uniforms with hat on and shirts tucked in.  The only exception here is sandals or causal shoes as some do not like to travel with spikes on.  Remember:  look good, feel good, play good.  Ghosts will provide practice and game uniforms, as well as batting helmets and bat bags eventually.  Please come prepared with a glove and bat.

  2. Players will arrive 15 minutes early to all scheduled events.  This means if the game is at 6pm and coaches require you to be at the field at 5:30pm, then the appropriate arrival time is 5:15pm.  Remember:  15 minutes early is on time, and on time is late.  When a player is late without advance notice, that player will be required to perform extra conditioning after practices with one of the coaches.  If a player is late to a game without advance notice, that player will sit the first inning. 

  3. We will have optional and mandatory practices.  They will all be scheduled through the Game Changer App.  Optional practices are often times on short notice and you are not required to be there but it is strongly encouraged.  Remember the key to improving is simple:  more baseball.  Mandatory practices and games must have an excused absence approved by one of the coaches.  Coaches must be notified well in advance of a scheduled absence.  Each player is only allowed 3 excused absences.  On the 4th, that player will not play in the following tournament.  Many kids were cut from the team, so the players chosen are expected to be fully dedicated to this team. 

  4. Poor sportsmanship WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  During games, if a coach witnesses an example of poor sportsmanship, that player will be removed from that inning and sit the next inning.  If it happens again, they will be removed from the game and sit the next game.  During practices, if a coach witnesses an example of poor sportsmanship, that player will be required to perform extra conditioning with one of the coaches after practice ends. 

  5. The only 2 things a player can control are ATTITUDE and EFFORT.  Those who maintain the proper attitude and effort will see more playing time than those who do not.  This rule operates outside of any individual player’s skill level.  This is a travel ball team so all the kids are talented, but those who show exemplary attitude and effort will be rewarded over those who do not.

  6. No child shall begin a sentence with “Can I…”  When this phrase is uttered the answer will be an automatic “no.”  The coaching staff will put you where we think you give us the best chances of winning. 

  7. Two words to be removed form all players vocabulary are “umpire” and “blue.”  Your job is to play the game to the best of your abilities.  Let the coaches handle anything you cannot control.  If it is not attitude ore effort, then your coaches have the responsibility of controlling it.   

  8. Please do not provide verbal instruction to a player while he is up to bat or pitching.  We encourage parent participation but not while the child at bat or pitching.  Remember this game is 40% pitching, 40% hitting, 10% base running and 10% defense.  This direct input interference with coaching instruction and often leads to further frustration for the player.

  9. Both parents and players will be required to fundraise.  We kept the player fee thousands below the travel ball average in order to make this team available to everybody.  Because of that strategy, we will all be subject to mandatory fundraising.  Every fundraiser is different, and we will set minimum goals or revenue targets for each player to hit.  Remember, the more we fundraise, the more we play. 

  10. Parent input is welcome before and after practice and games.  If you have a concern, the coaches will gladly listen to it, it just cannot happen during play. 

  11. Players will all learn to play multiple positions in the infield and outfield.  We are going to stretch the limit of what every player can do and where.  Often, a player gets comfortable at certain positions, but in travel ball, every player will learn every position, with the exception of pitching and catching. 

  12. Parents and fans of players are expected to serve as a role model for the players and therefore should not be using foul language, addressing the coaches or players during a game, speaking ill of coaches or players on either team, or degrading other fans.  Parents are expected to remain respectful and in control at all times.  If a coach or umpire is required to address a fan during a game for their behavior, they will be asked to leave the game.  If it happens again, that parent will not be welcome back to any further games.   



  • There is a lot the players can do to help the team even when not at practice or games including practicing at home or with friends, eating healthy, getting regular exercise, hydrating regularly, and stretching regularly.

  • Each player is expected to bring enough water/gatorade for each event.

  • Before each game, players should:

    • Eat a healthy breakfast at least one hour prior to game time

    • Hydrate well beginning 2 hours prior to game time

    • Stretch excessively prior to arriving at the field (we will stretch them again quickly before the game)

    • Get plenty of sleep


We are going to be working very hard but having a lot of fun while we’re at it.  It will all pay off! 

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