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Date: October 14th - 16th.

Location: Moltrups Fields 1299-1201 1st Ave, Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Entry Fee: $400

A portion of our proceeds benefitting Breast Cancer awareness. Teams are encouraged to wear pink. 


Players will be announced in each of their at bats with music provided.

Trophies will be awarded for Champion and runner up. Game balls presented to the MVP of each game. 

Concession stand, food trucks and porter johns will be available. 


Before reading these rules understand this is not your typical travel baseball tournament. This is a showcase and a chance to remember baseball is fun and should be treated in a manner that is both competitive and enjoyable. We wear pink to represent all of those in a fight for breast cancer. We all know someone affected by cancer. This tournament is to honor them and to display your abilities on the field. No intentional walks, full MLB rules, pink jerseys, fireworks, music, food and so much more in store for you and your team if you can abide by rules based on the principle of our love of baseball and nothing more. 

1) Games will be six (6) innings. A fifteen run rule is in effect after 3 innings, ten run rule after four four innings and eight runs after five innings except in championship games.


2) Team roster will have no more than fifteen (12) players.


3) Free defensive substitutions with all players in the starting batting order. Roster batting is mandatory. If a player is listed in the batting lineup, they must bat. All players must bat in a continuous batting order. Subs are allowed but they must be called out to the opposing team before the game. Once the game starts any players not listed as subs will not be permitted to play.


4) All protests handled on the spot. $100 protest fee. If your protest is upheld, the $100 is returned to you. The tournament director or his representative has the final decision. Judgment calls cannot be protested, only rule interpretations. Only the team’s head coach will be permitted to protest or speak to the umpire during play. 


5) The home team keeps the official score book for each game.


6) Score keepers are encouraged to verify scores with the opposing team after EACH inning. If there is a dispute over the score at any point in the game time will stop and both teams will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to resolve the score. If the score can’t be resolved, we will go with the official score (home team book).


7) If a player, coach, or fan is kicked out of a game, they MUST SIT OUT the next game (includes semifinals and finals). Sportsmanship is demanded. As a manager, you are responsible for your players as well as your fans and coaches. Coaches (non-managers) protesting calls will not be permitted and there will be a zero-tolerance policy in effect for the umpires. There will be one team warning for any coach or player. The second time the coach or player will be removed from the game.


8) There will be a 2-hour time limit on games. No new inning will BEGIN after 1 hr 45 minutes. The inning being played will be completed. No time limit on the Championship. Games will start on time or as soon as previous game finishes. Managers are responsible to have their teams ready 1 hour prior to game time.


9) Any game started and stop due to weather will be pick up exactly where they left off unless 3 full innings were complete and there is a 60-minute delay. 3 full innings will be recorded as a final game after a 60-minute delay.


10) No bowling over the catcher or any other player in the infield. This will be recorded as an out and the umpire can elect to eject the player from the game or tournament. We do not want to discourage aggressive play, but intentions will be interpreted by the umpire. 


11) Head first slides are permitted as these are MLB style rules so contact at a plate is possible. There must be an honest attempt to avoid collisions, but we understand they do occur. This will be a judgment call by the umpire and his decision is final. The umpire will determine if contact could have been avoided. 


12) Teams are responsible for turning in the tournament score sheet and pitching statistics to the tournament director (or concession stand). The only way we can keep correct pitching stats is if the home team logs both teams pitching stats correctly. Teams need to sign, along with the umpire, and home team needs to turn sheet in at the tournament coordinators or concession stand before the next game.


13) If a player gets injured or sick during the game, and their spot in the batting order comes up, the team can elect to use a substitute bench player for their spot in the order. If no subs are available, the batter will be skipped and an OUT will not be recorded. If a player leaves due to personal reasons or ejection their at-bat will count as an out if no subs are available.


14) Tie Games- In pool Play if the time limited has been reached a tie game will be a final score. If time limit has not been reached any Tie Game will go into Texas Shootout rules. As follows last out in inning is put on 2nd base, and each Batter starts with 3-2 count. Players who pitch these innings will count as 1 inning pitch. They can pitch a maximum of 5 tie breaker innings. Also score will be tally as follows loser will be minus 1 and winner plus 1. Example if game ends 6-6 and in shootout Team 1 wins 10-6 the final score will read 7-6 for Team 1. Once the time limit is reached if still a tie game it will end in a tie game in pool play. Semi-final games will allow 2 extra innings before the shootout and championship games will be played until there is a winner.


15) No home team will Bat in bottom of inning if leading in last inning or mercy rule has already took effect.


16) Players may only be one active team roster per age group. A younger player is permitted to play up on an older team for the same organization however they must be listed on both rosters before the start of the tournament. A player may not be on two organizations rosters regardless of age group.


17) Forfeits or no shows are counted as a 6-0 loss.


18) Intentional walks will NOT be permitted. 


19) Home team will be decided by coin flip in pool play. Home team will be decided by seeding in bracket play.


20) All teams need to be ready to play 30 minutes early. No infield practice before any game.


21) The home team will be provided 2 games balls for each game. The batting team is responsible for balls hit out of play. Teams are responsible for obtaining used game balls from the umpires following the game. Once those balls are used or lost, the home team will be responsible for substituting a suitable game ball to continue play. 


22) Coaches are to present a game ball to the player with the best performance on the opposing team, each game.


23) Refund policy- 0 games = 100%, 1 game = 50%, 2 games = 0%


24) Tie Breakers= 1) Head-to-Head, 2) Run differential, 3) Runs Scored, 4) Total Runs Allowed 5) Record VS Common Opponents 6) Runs allowed VS Common Opponents 7) Coin Flip



1) Teams are permitted (1) Manager, (3) Coaches, and a scorekeeper. No other adults or children (other than players) are permitted in the dugout.


2) Teams need a minimum of 8 players to start the game. If less than 8 players are available at the original scheduled start time plus 10 minutes, the game is forfeited and will be recorded as a 6-0 win for the opposing team. No exceptions.


3) Last Names and Player numbers only when keeping score.


4) Pitcher must be removed after two trips to the mound. Mound visits due to injury (or potential injury) do not count toward total. 


5) Maximum of 10 warm-up pitches per inning or for a new pitcher.


6) With two outs teams are allowed to pinch run their catcher with the batter that made the last out.


7) A list of all substitution (bench players) must be given to the opposing and official scorekeeper if a team elects to not have a continuous batting order. They must all be on the bench before the end of the first inning. Players not listed as bench players before the start of the game will not be permitted to enter the game. PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE GAME AFTER THE END OF THE FIRST INNING. Example: If a player is running late a team can elect to use him as a sub until he arrives. He must arrive before the end of the first inning. If they elect to put him in the batting order and his turn to bat comes up in the first inning it will be called an out IF no subs are available. If a sub is used that player will be done for the game.


8) Bats must have maximum barrel size is 2 ¾”. Wooden bats only. No composite materials. 


9) Leadoffs are permitted. There are no limitations on leads and steals. Stealing home is permitted.


10) Play continues until the pitcher is on the rubber.


11) Pitchers cannot receive the ball on the pitching rubber. Result = Balk


12) When bunting or batting: If a batter steps on the plate he will be called out.


13) Balks will be called (umpire’s discretion). The first balk will be a team warning. The rest is up to the umpires discretion. 

14) Pitching distance and base length are 50/70 for 12U. 


15) If there is a play at the plate or any base the runner must make an honest attempt to avoid contact. Head first slides are permitted. Any intentional collision and the runner will be called out and possible ejection from the game and future games. This will be a judgment call by the umpire and his decision is final. The umpire will determine if contact could have been avoided. 


16) Infield Fly rule is in effect.


27) Runners can advance on dropped third strikes. On an uncaught third strike with no runner on first base or with two outs the umpire will not call the batter out. With two outs and the bases loaded, the catcher who fails to catch the third strike may, upon picking up the ball, step on home plate for a force-out or make a throw to any other fielder. Any runner giving themselves up (walking back towards dugout) will be called out.


21) Pitching Rules: 3 innings per game – 6 innings per day. MANAGERS ARE EXPECTED TO USE GOOD JUDGEMENT CONCERNING THE HEALTH OF THEIR PITCHERS. One (1) pitch in one inning constitutes an inning pitched. Each team must track their innings. If a team exceeds the limit the game will be forfeited after the player throws one


25) Slug Bunting is allowed. 

26) Awards for 1st and 2nd place. MVP game ball following each game.

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