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April 24th - 25th, 2021


Bat Regulations 9u - 13u: All bats -5 or greater must be stamped BPF 1.15 USSSA or USA Baseball. There are no bat size restrictions on weight or length as long as bat has "BPF 1.15" stamp.All 14u and above (60' 90' events): will follow NFHS Rules and use a BBCOR certified bat.All wood bats are permitted. Composite bats are permitted.Any player caught using an illegal bat will be ejected from the tournament immediately and the team will forfeit that game.

General Information

Game Balls
Three Rivers Baseball provides official game balls.

All protests are handled by the tournament director. The protesting team must make a cash a payment of $100 at the time of the protest. The $100 will be refunded if the protest is won. The tournament directors ruling is final. All protests must be made prior to the next pitch in the game.

Any player or coach that is ejected will be immediately suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Good SPORTSMANSHIP is expected and if ejections occur the player or coach will be required to leave the premises immediately.

Age Determinations
A player's tournament age is based on the age they are as of April 30th. Each coach is expected to have a copy of their players birth certificate or passport. Any teams caught using illegal players will be removed from the tournament.


Weather Policy
3 game minimum tournaments

  • Play 0 games - 100% refund (less $50 admin., fee)

  • Play 1 game - 50% refund

  • Play 2 games - no credit or refund


Pool Play / Consolation Games / Championship Games

  • If a game is suspended prior to being official and there is not enough time to resume, the game is considered complete at the end of the last complete inning.

  • If a game is tied at the end of the last complete inning - the game will stand as a tie.

  • Elimination Games - If tied at the end of the last complete inning, the higher seed will advance. If a championship game starts and is unable to be completed due to weather/darkness, the game is considered official at the end of the last complete inning if the game cannot resume.

  • Semi-Final Game - There are no ties. The time limit is still in effect.

  • Championship Game - There are no ties and will be played until a winner is determined.


There is a full-service refreshment stand available for teams and guests.


There is absolutely no alcohol allowed on premises. Any violation of this rule will lead to eviction from property by security.


Three Rivers Baseball offers free parking.

133 Ewing Rd

McKees Rocks, PA 15136


Batting Cages
Batting cages will be available to teams 30 minutes prior to the start of their game. Please be courteous of other teams.


Outstanding sportsmanship and competition is the most important aspect of the Three Rivers Baseball mission. Disrespecting the umpires, other team and coaches or fans will not be tolerated.


Tournament Rules

Time Limit
All games will have a 1 hour and 45-minute time limit. No new inning will start after 1 hour 45 minutes. The umpires will announce the official start time to both scorekeepers prior to the start of the game.

Games can end in a tie. Championship games will be finished regardless of time limit if daylight permits. If a championship game ends in a tie due to darkness or weather - both teams will be awarded co-champs.


1. Overall pool play record
2. Runs allowed
3. Runs scored


Official Game
All games are official after the completion of the 1st inning. If a game should be called due to darkness, weather, etc. and it is the middle of an inning, then the game will revert back to the score from the previous inning if the first inning has been completed.

Run Rule

  • 12 runs after 3 complete innings

  • 10 runs after 4 complete innings

  • 8 runs after 5 complete innings


All teams must start with at least 9 players in the lineup. Teams can choose to bat anywhere from 9 players to their entire submitted roster. If a team bats 9 players and has extra players on the bench, they will be considered substitutes. Once a substitute enters the game, they now replace the person that they substituted for. These two players are now considered "locked," meaning that the are locked into the same spot in the batting order. Both players cannot be in the game at the same time. Teams can choose to play with 8 players if they do not have substitutes.


Roster Batting
If a team chooses to bat entire roster, there is free defensive substitution. Coaches can choose to move players around defensively at will.


Players are permitted to re-enter the game once. Upon re-entry the player must occupy the same spot in the batting lineup.

If a player in the batting order is injured or leaves the game for any reason and there aren't any substitutes, this then becomes an automatic out when their place in the batting order comes up.


Pitching Rules
Once a pitcher leaves the pitching position, they can no longer reenter as a pitcher in the same game.


Avoid Contact Rule
Players must avoid contact when sliding into any base, including home plate. Players must slide directly into the base. Violation of this rule could lead to an automatic double play if a force out is in effect. If umpire deems the contact to be malicious, the player can be evicted from the game. This interpretation is at the discretion of the umpire.


9u - 11u, balks will be called but each team will receive one warning.
12u and above, balks will be called immediately, without warning.


Speed up Rule
With 2 outs the coach can substitute for the pitcher or catcher with a pinch runner. The pinch runner MUST be the last batted out.

8u - 13u, no slash bunting is permitted. Slash bunting is permitted at the 14u level and above.


Mound Visits
Pitcher must be removed if 2 mound visits occur in the same inning.


Lead and Steal
9u and older will be permitted to lead and steal.


Head first sliding is permitted to all bases EXCEPT home plate.

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