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Head Coach Chris Quinn

Played college basketball and football. Dabbled in arena football. I now coach every sport, year round. 


Head Assistant Coach Trevor Knopp

I coach first base and still to this day play on multiple baseball teams. I am the only coach here who doesn't actually have a kid on this team.


Bookkeeper Crazy Ashley Musser

I take care of the Game Changer app and the dugout. Sit down, pay attention, and no crying. 


Assistant Coach Chad Schweitzer

I handle the roster, batting order, and all in game substitutions. The one job no other coach wants to do. 


Assistant Coach Shelly King

I am the one coach on this list that is a positive thinker. We may all be from different school districts, but together we are the Ghosts!


Pitching Coach Frank Ross

I coach the pitchers and catchers in both practice and games. Breathe, and hit the target. 


Infielders Coach Trisha Campbell

I handle all things infield. Take care of my baseball.